Rocks and minerals.

Hello world!

Today I will be showing you my self directed science project with ghost rider and water king they will also be making a blog post on this too. In the video i explain the task and our learning goal.




My cookie excavation.

Hello world my name is zacharyp1 and today I will be telling you about my cookie excavation.


So that task was that we had to do was to remove chocolate chips  from a cookie with a long pointy stick and two short blunt sticks. we also had to try and  keep the cookie in 1 or 2 pieces which is really hard when you just want to eat the cookie. So I rushed and ate it and it felt like I was a geologist when I was digging the chocolate chips out.


So here is the pictures and the result and a video. 

Innovation Day

Hello, I am here today to tell you about my innovation Day project. As you may know, we were asked to build a medieval castle with a working drawbridge.

While I was doing the research, I found some interesting facts about the medieval times that I have summarized below:

  • There are 3 types of castles, a motte and bailey castle, a stone keep castle and concentric castle.
  • The difference between the Lords and the Serfs, was that the Serfs were poor and worked as slaves. Meanwhile, the Lords owned the Serfs that lived on their lands.
  • Also, some interesting facts about the feudal system is that approximately 90% of the people worked on the land as peasants. The Kings believed that they had the right to rule and you were expected to fight for the king when requested. 


My hypothesis was that I could build a beautiful castle that would have a huge circular wall with a village inside and have patrol towers all around with access through the drawbridge.

My plan was to build a cardboard wall and then stab a skewer through the cardboard. I would then add a pulley to the skewer and hot glue the handle on the side of the pulley and hot glue a string to the middle of the pulley. Then I would build a second wall and stab another skewer through both walls at the top and add another pulley, then feed the string through the pulley at the top and then hot glue it to the bridge that’s made out of cardboard. Finally, I would tape the bridge to the castle. 


First, I built a big box with no roof     

Next, I built a drawbridge by cutting out the bridge out of cardboard and then stabbed 2 skewers through the cardboard wall and then I built 2 tiny walls in the box and put a straw through them. Then I added the 2 skewers through the straw to hold them.

Then, I added 2 gears to the wall where I stabbed the skewers on the outside of the wall and then I put another gear on the inside of the box on one of the skewers and then I hot glued a string to the gear.

Then, I cut out a small hole in the wall and then I put a pulley on it and fed the string through the pulley in the hole. 

Finally, I cut out a big hole in the wall and then I took the drawbridge and stabbed a skewer through the drawbridge and since there’s already a hole beside the drawbridge, I hot glued a straw on to it and then put the skewer of the drawbridge through it and on the other side I stabbed the skewer from the drawbridge into the cardboard wall. Then the string that was fed through the pulley I hot glued on to the drawbridge. I added a roof on the box and put another hole in the roof to see the drawbridge.


Final Results – Tour of my Castle:




I chose to make a castle with big walls and a village inside and a box made out of cardboard with the drawbridge in it. The drawbridge had one pulley and one gear system. To make the draw bridge work and on the wall I put some guard towers made out of cardboard and at the end It was the size of half a table.So i dont think it would fit in my car but i will try to make it.


Self reflection:


I think that I did a pretty good job with my project but I did make some mistakes. Here is what they are. So for my first one that I would change it would be when my drawbridge would go up it would bend the cardboard wall and the pulley system but it doesn’t break it fully.Next is when I built the grass I used some white pieces of cardboard and the green did not cover it very well.But for the most part it was good except the worst thing about it. It was so big it wouldn’t fit in my mom’s car.


Science how does light travel

hello im howdy.zacharyp1

Here is my experiment about how light travels.


 I think it will work it will bounce off the mirror and is and hit the bullseye and i think it will go in a straight line                                                                                                                                                                                             



it worked pretty well and i did think it would work a bit better than it did but it was okay and it was pretty fun but it was a bit hard to aim


Here is a video about light travelling



paintballing recount

Hi am Zach! This year I have been learning how to write a recount and a recount some thing that happened to you

what do you need in a recount? You need:

past tents verbs

chronological order

use transition words


Here is my recount:


 I went on a 45 min drive to Marked in Carleton Place. I was celebrating my 9th Birthday with my friend Ben. We were having a joint paintballing party.

 and all my friends were there. I was pretty excited to go paintballing and go to the field to run around and start shootin

g paintballs! I shot my friend twice….

Getting shot hurt a bit but it was ok but you got bruises it was so fun i want to go again so bad but we ran out of paintballs which sucked but it was fun 

There were also cupcakes they were so good and my dad got me out twice and that is all I got hit and i got 7 people out and my dad and then i went back in my car for a 45 min drive but my friend came in my car with me so we chatted and we stopped for Tim Hortons I got a ice cap no caffeine and my friend got a frozen lemonade and my dad got a sandwich


me working on my other recount





Sound – reflection




Does the type of materials being reflected matter? yes

What is the best/worst material to reflect? Why? Black paper is bad cuz it is dark colored and paper is not shiny or has glass on it and the tin foil worked but the crumbled tin foil did not work that well but the mirror worked so well like expected.


Hypothesis (what do I think will happen before my experiment and why do I think that?)


Yes/No it matters about the material – tell me why

Prediction: Worst
Tinfoil Black construction
mirror Construction paper white
Construction paper – white? tinfoil
Coloured construction paper mirror
Black construction Best


What materials have I used:






Procedure – What did I do (Step by step):

  1. I gathered my materials
  2. I set up my mirror with the clay
  3. I use different materials to try and get a light reflection
  4. I shone my flashlight into the mirror to see how the different materials reflected


Observations: (Explain what happened. What did you see. You can record a video, take a picture with labels, or write it out. Make sure you use keywords no matter what you choose)


Material: Reflection? Y/N comments:
Black paper Not really Barely reflected.
Wight card  Not really Barely reflected
Blue paper  Not really Barely reflected
Crubeld tinfoil  meh Sorta reflected

Tin foil      good

Mirror great


Conclusion: (Was my hypothesis right? What happened and why?) my hypothesis was right i got them all in order and the paper did not work but the mirror worked really well and the tin foil was pretty good. It was not the best though and the crumbled tin foil was not the best but it was alright.and it was fun.


STEM Challenge

How to make a tank float

First, you get a ball with holes and then you get bamboo skewers and you put the skewers through the holes and you get some cardboard and you poke holes through the cardboard and when you do that you cut the tank tracks and you hot glue the skewers through to the tank tracks and then you hot glue them and you grab more cardboard and then you hot glue the tracks and weels to the cardboard and the cardboard needs to be the shape of a tank bottom and then you take a skipping rope handle and you also need to get some more cardboard and you can two rectangles and you cut two squares and they have to be the same height and one square has to be tilted a bit backward and the last square is straw.