Science how does light travel

hello im howdy.zacharyp1

Here is my experiment about how light travels.


 I think it will work it will bounce off the mirror and is and hit the bullseye and i think it will go in a straight line                                                                                                                                                                                             



it worked pretty well and i did think it would work a bit better than it did but it was okay and it was pretty fun but it was a bit hard to aim


Here is a video about light travelling



paintballing recount

Hi am Zach! This year I have been learning how to write a recount and a recount some thing that happened to you

what do you need in a recount? You need:

past tents verbs

chronological order

use transition words


Here is my recount:


 I went on a 45 min drive to Marked in Carleton Place. I was celebrating my 9th Birthday with my friend Ben. We were having a joint paintballing party.

 and all my friends were there. I was pretty excited to go paintballing and go to the field to run around and start shootin

g paintballs! I shot my friend twice….

Getting shot hurt a bit but it was ok but you got bruises it was so fun i want to go again so bad but we ran out of paintballs which sucked but it was fun 

There were also cupcakes they were so good and my dad got me out twice and that is all I got hit and i got 7 people out and my dad and then i went back in my car for a 45 min drive but my friend came in my car with me so we chatted and we stopped for Tim Hortons I got a ice cap no caffeine and my friend got a frozen lemonade and my dad got a sandwich


me working on my other recount