The seven grand father teachings.

The seven grand father teachings are follows :wisdom,love.respect,bravery,honest,humility,truth.

They all also have an animal sign. Honesty is a Sasquatch and truth is a turtle,love is and eagle,humility is a wolf,wisdom is a beaver,courage is a bear,respect is a buffalo:

  • honesty means being true.
  • truth means not lying.
  • humility means to be humble.
  • love means caring about someone.
  • wisdom means having a good sense of judgment.
  • courage means you are not scared to go ahead in life or take a risk.
  • respect is when you respect someone that you may not like but you still clap when they do good or something.

I think respect is the most important to me.

paintballing recount

Hi am Zach! This year I have been learning how to write a recount and a recount some thing that happened to you

what do you need in a recount? You need:

past tents verbs

chronological order

use transition words


Here is my recount:


 I went on a 45 min drive to Marked in Carleton Place. I was celebrating my 9th Birthday with my friend Ben. We were having a joint paintballing party.

 and all my friends were there. I was pretty excited to go paintballing and go to the field to run around and start shootin

g paintballs! I shot my friend twice….

Getting shot hurt a bit but it was ok but you got bruises it was so fun i want to go again so bad but we ran out of paintballs which sucked but it was fun 

There were also cupcakes they were so good and my dad got me out twice and that is all I got hit and i got 7 people out and my dad and then i went back in my car for a 45 min drive but my friend came in my car with me so we chatted and we stopped for Tim Hortons I got a ice cap no caffeine and my friend got a frozen lemonade and my dad got a sandwich


me working on my other recount





STEM Challenge

How to make a tank float

First, you get a ball with holes and then you get bamboo skewers and you put the skewers through the holes and you get some cardboard and you poke holes through the cardboard and when you do that you cut the tank tracks and you hot glue the skewers through to the tank tracks and then you hot glue them and you grab more cardboard and then you hot glue the tracks and weels to the cardboard and the cardboard needs to be the shape of a tank bottom and then you take a skipping rope handle and you also need to get some more cardboard and you can two rectangles and you cut two squares and they have to be the same height and one square has to be tilted a bit backward and the last square is straw.


Minecraft is a game of blocks trying to survive mobs, and you look for ores to make tools. Like iron nephrite diamonds to make these materials  includes a crafting table without crafting tables you can’t create any materials your starting material is wood it allows you to a crafting table you need wood to make planks then you create a crafting table then the ores you have you can create materials or armor and make horse armor too 


You can make tools and weapons like swords, shovel hoe axes and pickaxes.

With those tools, you can start exploring your world and some caves too.

You can mine ossifiante with a diamond pickaxe and make a nether portal with only 12 obsidian. Light it up with some flint and steel after you do that you go to another dimension called the “ Nether”

 and after that you can kill some endermen looking very tall monsters. Hope for the best to get an ender pearl.


To use an ender pearl you can get some blazes, getn blaze rods, make some blaze powder and craft an eye of ender. Get as much as you can then throw them and it will lead you to the stronghold.

Use 12 eyes of ender to put on the frames. After you lit up a new portal which will lead you to the end. Get some armour and kill the ender dragon! after that you can go back to the overworld and if you seen another portal throw an ender pearl and you can find an end if there is a ship go inside it then you get an elytra.using a elytra requires some fireworks and to jump from high places to fly.  and then if you want more xp you can make mob farm and get more loot too.


But that’s not the only boss battle there are three more ,elder guardian,wither and the woodland mansion.

To beat the wither includes soul sand and three wither skulls.

To get soul sand  in the nether, they find black skeletons called. The wither skeleton hopes for the best and gets three wither skulls you might want looting on your sword.

Then put three blocks up of salsa de then put one on each side and bophut three of the wither skull and boom!! There now you have to beat the wither after you kill the wither then  you can craft a beacon.


To light a beacon includes any type of ore except lapis.

Need to make enough blocks to make a pyramid then put the beacon in the middle. Then it lights up. When it lights up then you become stronger in the game. Oh and also there is this ore called netherite.

You’ll need about five netherite scraps then put gold everywhere else except the middle. Then you have a nethérité ingot the put only beside 

Diamond armour then you got a piece of the armour like a netherite helmet.


Find a village and trade some emeralds and then it can trade you a map to the woodland mansion and it should say that.

Then it will lead you to the woodland mansion, kill all the pillagers and the mobs one  of the mobs drops a totem of undying called an evoker and when you die it brings you back to life it is really good if you’re fighting like mobs or boss battles.


Elder guardian battle: When they spawn in the monument penthouse and in each- wing 

Just to tell where those places I said are where the three elder guardians spawn.

Temples: so there are jungle temples and desert temples for desert temples do not dig in the middle because there is TNT in the middle then you’ll see chests and there is about four ChestsPS dig under it and then you’ll get some TNT

Jungle temples are in the most rare biome which you probably know the jungle.

There are traps and you’ll see a chest.


Pillagers base:so pillagers are strong they have enchanted crossbows and a trapped golem. Open the golem then the golem will help you kill the pillagers then there will be a chest in the building.

Rades:do raids usually happen in a village some golems will help you kill the raid.

After you will get a totem undying.


Villages: there are jungle villages, snow villages, desert villages, savna villages and forest villages and there are abandoned villages.

There is this type of house  that is a black smith house. In the houses there are a chance of obsidian swords and diamonds or iron armour.


Minshafts: mineshafts is like a mine there will be some chests in minecarts you could find some diamond (beware there might be mobs) mine shafts are usually found underground there is a this type of biome that looks like the grand canyon and you might find mine shafts on the ground. 


Ruine portals: ruin portals can be found underwater or on ground. In the chests there might be gold armor or gold apples and maybe obsidian.

Enchanting table:
To make an enchanting table includes 4 obsidian,2 diamonds, and a book on the top.


Enchanting tables are used to upgrade items and armour.

To enchant includes levels which is XP and also lapis there are enchants like